ZAPINO Electric Scooter 2012

Get ready for a new, expanded line of stylish, economical ZAPINO electric scooters, mopeds and motorcycle-class vehicles. Building on the popularity of the original ZAPINO, ZAP JONWAY is recruiting motorcycle dealers to begin developing full-line EV dealerships. Following the majority acquisition of Jonway Automobile in January 2011, our newly merged company ZAP JONWAY enjoys the backing of Jonway Group, one of China’s largest motorcycle exporters. ZAPINO will continue its tradition of performance and value for urban commuting, only now you have improved technology as well as a variety of styles, colors and options. New 5000 watt wheel motors can push you up to freeway speeds, and optional lithium batteries allow ranges of over 50 miles per charge. Tell your local dealer to carry the ZAPINO line. Contact our Sales Department CLICK HERE for a shipping quote and purchase information.


ZAPINO City (MBJ) Facts

Fuel Electricity
Motor 3000 watt hub motor
Battery 60V/40Ah Li-ion battery
Charging Time: ≥5 hours
Speed: About 30mph / 48kph
Range: Up to 55mi / 90km
Climbing Ability 10°
Brake: Front and rear disc
Actual Size 2040*700*1185mm
Package Size 2100*700*1210mm
Wheelbase 1400mm / 55.1in
Net Weight: 143 kg /  315 lb.
Max Load 150kg / 330 lb.