ALIAS Electric Car Reservation $1000

List Price: $38,500.00
SKU: ALIAS Reservation (Production Series)

Agile, Responsive, Nimble, Exciting, and More.

The ALIAS electric car is now under development as part of a new venture between ZAP and Jonway Auto of China.  Designed with decades of electric and automotive experience, the ALIAS serves a growing niche of automotive enthusiasts who want an affordable electric alternative for getting to work or doing their average daily driving with something that looks like nothing else on this earth. We are accepting reservations through our online shopping cart on this page.  Learn more about ZAP JONWAY and the ALIAS - Click Here.

ALIAS Features

Rack and Pinion Steering
Dramatic Sports Styling
Composite Structure
Power Door Locks
Lithium Batteries
Power Windows
Power Steering
Solar Panels



ALIAS Vitals

Range 100mi / 160km*
Top Speed 85mph / 140kph *
0 to 60mph 7.8 seconds
45 to 65mph 5 seconds
Battery: Lithium 32kWh
Charger: 110-240V/4-8hrs
Passengers 3
Climbing Ability 25
Tires front/rear 235/35 R17
Suspension Independent
coil springs
stabilizer bar/
swing arm
Warranty Limited 3-year
Length 13.5ft / 4115mm
Width 6ft / 1829mm
Height 5.58ft / 1702mm
Wheel Base 9.08ft / 2769mm
Ground Clearance 0.42ft / 127mm
Weight 2261 lb  / 980kg
G.V.W.R. 2601 lb / 1180kg
Min. Turn Radius 15.75ft / 4.8m
Motor Perm. Magnet AC
Continuous Power 60,000W
Max Power 82,000W
Efficiency 124 MPG
Price $38,500**

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* Range and speed will vary depending on temperature, terrain, driving style, road conditions, or vehicle payload.

** Projected price, subject to change.