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CEO Radio Network Interviews ZAP on Electric Car Stimulus Incentives

ZAP Alias Appears at February 2009 Dealer SeminarZAP Alias Appears at February 2009 Dealer Seminar SANTA ROSA, California (February 24, 2009) – Steve Schneider, the Chief Executive Officer of ZAP (OTC BB: ZAAP), a leading source of electric transportation, was interviewed last night by John McDermott on CEO Radio Network. The interview with Steve Schneider is available at the following URL:

Bill Expands Federal Electric Car Tax Credit

SANTA ROSA, CA (Feb 4, 2009) -- US electric vehicle developers like ZAP (OTC BB:ZAAP.OB) of Santa Rosa, California, are asking Americans to join in supporting a new bill that would give more tax credits to more kinds of electric vehicles. The new legislation, S271, would increase the number of plug-in vehicles able to receive the tax credits from 250,000 to 500,000. The tax credits would expand beyond conventional four-wheel automobiles to include three-wheel and two-wheel vehicles, as well as low-speed neighborhood electric cars. Electric vehicles like ZAP's Alias and others would receive a tax credit equal to a percentage of the purchase price up to $4,000.

Tell Obama, Congress to Support Electric Car Entrepreneurs

President-elect Obama plans to "put 1 million Plug-In Hybrid cars -- cars that can get up to 150 miles per gallon -- on the road by 2015,” according to his website The problem with this plan is that it comes in the middle of economic turmoil and financial collapse of the Big 3 automakers. Often financial stimulus goes from the government to large corporations, and smaller innovative companies like ZAP are omitted. Over the past few decades, billions of dollars of taxpayer money have gone to the Big 3 to improve fuel-economy and support the use of advanced technologies like electric cars and almost nothing has been delivered while the industry has fought regulation at every turn. At the same time, the smaller companies that deliver receive nothing.

ZAP Delivers New 4-Wheel Electric Truck

SANTA ROSA, CA--(November 25, 2008) - Electric car pioneer ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) is providing fleets with a better solution when it comes to 100 percent electric, plug-in transportation with the introduction of its four-wheel ZAP Truck XL. The new addition to ZAP's line offers an 800 pound payload.

ZAP Electric Car Sets Sales Record in August

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Sept. 18, 2008 -- Electric transportation pioneer ZAP (OTC Bulletin Board: ZAAP) announced that increasing demand has resulted in record August 2008 sales (unaudited) for its Advanced Technology Vehicle division, the most since ZAP's Xebra sedan and truck were launched in 2006. Unaudited sales for ZAP electric vehicles surged to $737,000 in August, versus $392,000 a year ago, an increase of $345,000 or 88 percent. ZAP CEO Steve Schneider said the reason for the increase was a combination of high gas prices and the fact that ZAP has one of the few affordable, street-legal, city-speed electric vehicles in production line assembly today.

City of Franklin Orders ZAP Electric Cars

Residents Show Support for Local Electric Vehicle Project

FRANKLIN, KY -- Sep 17, 2008 -- After the ground breaking on an electric car plant for Integrity Automotive, residents and city officials in Simpson County have shown their support by ordering three electric trucks from ZAP (OTC BB:ZAAP.OB). No gas, no problem -- City of Franklin employee Mandy Cassidy uses a new ZAP electric truck to run errands around town.

Candidate running on 100% electricity

SANTA ROSA, California (September 9, 2008) – Judy Kennedy, 2008 candidate for Santa Rosa City Council, will tell you all about the different ideas she has if she is elected, but perhaps the best part of the ideological platform for her campaign is the platform that moves her down the road. Kennedy says she is literally driving change by driving a ZAP Xebra Xero electric truck.

$68 Million in Kentucky Manufacturing Incentives Fast Tracks Electric Vehicle Talks at ZAP Headquarters With Integrity Manufactu

Monday August 18, 7:00 am ET SANTA ROSA, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Aug 18, 2008 -- Randall S. Waldman and Larry Cottingham of Integrity Manufacturing LLC are in Santa Rosa, California today for meetings with the management of electric vehicle pioneer ZAP (OTC BB:ZAAP.OB - News). Integrity Manufacturing has been working with the State of Kentucky to help provide incentives to attract more manufacturing and assembly to the state. On Friday The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority gave preliminary approval for $68 million in state incentives for a large-scale manufacturing initiative with Integrity. The project is expected to bring economic development, new factory production and up to 2,500 jobs to Kentucky.

Ten Reasons to Drive an Electric Car

1. Zero Air Pollution ZAP stands for Zero Air Pollution. We believe electricity is the fuel of the future. With electricity to power our transportation, our world can tap into renewable resources like hydroelectric, solar, wind, or geothermal power; resources that lessen our environmental footprint. Furthermore, studies show that millions of electric vehicles can recharge at night using existing surplus electrical generation; a vast, virtually untapped resource.

Solar electric car a chick magnet? Wall Street Journal Uncovers ZAP Xebra Xero

Out of all things to which electric cars aspire – fighting record oil prices, combating global warming, reducing dependency on imported oil – getting a date was a surprising reason uncovered by The Wall Street Journal. Have electric cars finally become cool? For nearly 100 years electric cars have been derided from the internal combustion automotive circles because they could not match the performance of gas-powered cars. Though history has shown little concern over environmental performance, it seems that high gas prices are finally tipping the scales towards the electric car.
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