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Coverage Initiated on ZAP by MDB Capital Group

NEW YORK --(November 14, 2008)-- MDB Capital Group has initiated coverage of electric car company ZAP (OTCBB:ZAAP - News) on Monday, November 10th with a Buy rating and a price target of $1.75 (Businesswire, Monday, Nov 10). The report entitled “The Green Car Report” is now available at About ZAP

ZAP: Electric Car Incentives Approved in Uruguay

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY -- Nov 11, 2008 -- The Mayor of Montevideo approved incentives for electric car ownership and use in Uruguay, according to industry pioneer ZAP (OTC BB:ZAAP.OB - News). "The incentives range from free parking for electric cars within Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, to no tolls on roads or bridges and no registration for three years," said Fernando Cancela of ZAP Latin America.

ZAP Redesigns 2009 Electric City Car with Hatchback

Debut at Sacramento International Auto Show November 6-9 SACRAMENTO, California (November 6, 2008) – Electric car pioneer ZAP (OTC BB: ZAAP) has redesigned its Xebra city-speed electric car for 2009 with a hatchback to increase the functionality and steel body construction to improve quality. The 2009 ZAP Xebra Sedan debuts November 6 through 9 at the Sacramento International Auto Show. Local ZAP dealer Cost Less Auto of Rancho Cordova, California is organizing a display that will include other electric vehicles from ZAP's line.

Republicans, Democrats Agree on Electric Car

The partisan debate never stops in the US between Republicans and Democrats, particularly in an election year. That's why it is so refreshing to see unanimous bipartisan agreement on one thing, the electric car.

ZAP Amps Up Line of Chargers and Backup Power for Mobile Electronics Retailers

SANTA ROSA, CA -- Oct 29, 2008 -- US electronics developer ZAP (OTC BB:ZAAP.OB) is expanding its Portable Energy line to offer mass retailers more "on-the-fly" USB charging options to recharge or power iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, PSP, BlueTooth, digital camera and other mobile electronic devices in the car or at any household plug.

ZAP Electric Car Sets Sales Record in August

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Sept. 18, 2008 -- Electric transportation pioneer ZAP (OTC Bulletin Board: ZAAP) announced that increasing demand has resulted in record August 2008 sales (unaudited) for its Advanced Technology Vehicle division, the most since ZAP's Xebra sedan and truck were launched in 2006. Unaudited sales for ZAP electric vehicles surged to $737,000 in August, versus $392,000 a year ago, an increase of $345,000 or 88 percent. ZAP CEO Steve Schneider said the reason for the increase was a combination of high gas prices and the fact that ZAP has one of the few affordable, street-legal, city-speed electric vehicles in production line assembly today.

City of Franklin Orders ZAP Electric Cars

Residents Show Support for Local Electric Vehicle Project

FRANKLIN, KY -- Sep 17, 2008 -- After the ground breaking on an electric car plant for Integrity Automotive, residents and city officials in Simpson County have shown their support by ordering three electric trucks from ZAP (OTC BB:ZAAP.OB). No gas, no problem -- City of Franklin employee Mandy Cassidy uses a new ZAP electric truck to run errands around town.

ZAP Debuts New Recharge-It-All for Powering iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm and Other Mobile Electronics

SANTA ROSA, CA -- Sep 10, 2008 -- Alternative energy pioneer ZAP (OTC BB:ZAAP.OB) unveiled its new Recharge-It-All mobile power storage unit, the R03 Micro Lithium Backup Charger, so you can have power anywhere you go for a cell phone, iPod, iPhone or other low-powered electronic device. ZAP is debuting a new pocket lithium battery charger that works with the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm and other low-powered electronic devices. The R03 Recharge-It-All is compatible with 80 percent of the mobile phone market and is the only one that can power a variety of phones.

Candidate running on 100% electricity

SANTA ROSA, California (September 9, 2008) – Judy Kennedy, 2008 candidate for Santa Rosa City Council, will tell you all about the different ideas she has if she is elected, but perhaps the best part of the ideological platform for her campaign is the platform that moves her down the road. Kennedy says she is literally driving change by driving a ZAP Xebra Xero electric truck.

"Model T of the electric car" in California

GRASS VALLEY, California – A couple of brothers who collect and restore antique cars are calling their new ride the "Model T of the electric car," according to columnist Dorothy Talan-Quaid of The Union newspaper in Grass Valley. "Ev and Gus know about Model Ts and other antique cars: they own and have restored a number of vehicles and belong to a few car clubs, including Nevada County Porsche Owners Group and the Roamin Angels," writes The Union.
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